Stadt Ulm - 125 Jahre Ulmer Münsterturm

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The Minster of Ulm is a stone cast documentation of the worldviews of countless generations of Ulm`s citizens. Its gestalt tells of change of these views and sentiments in the course of its history in which each generation has added its own perspective as a building block. The 125 year anniversary of the completion of the minster´s tower is an opportunity to take an contemporary look at aspects of the city´s visions and views.

Conceptual approach

The construction phases of the frontal view are examined for visual loudness and formative commonality and then grouped into aesthetic contexts of meaning. Using custome developed generative software these groups are then recalculated into an infinite number of self-similar color and pattern combinations. Careful selection of certain color, pattern and background combinations allows the differentiation in specific phenotypes of the same genetic algorithm.

generative approach

Parametric differentiation

The generative concept allows the differentiation of the basic motif into individual variants. The self-similarity of the motifs points to the common frame, the individual characteristics act as a visual-genetic fingerprint of the respective event.

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Sample application

Individual Postcards

Kind regards from Ulm!
Each postcard is printed only once with each motif. Thus carrying the senders own unique view of his minster into the world.



Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Ulm… But this roadshow touring major german cities with tourist information pavillons and balloon Rides may convey a glimpse of the spectacular view from the Minster’s tower. Ballon Rides ensure public attention, the Pavillon and panels offer further information.