I am an art director currently working in Aachen, Germany.
You can ping me on Twitter or send correspondence to jan.muentinga@gmail.com.

I studied media design at DHBW Ravensburg and worked as an designer and art director at KBU for six years. Right now im working as a freelancing designer for a variety of clients.

Im deeply interested in Parametricism and generative design and its development at the intersection between programming and graphics design. My projects range from 3D animation, interaction design and data visualisation to graphic design and typography, Exhibition, trade fair and event design.

Most of my generative work is done using Processing and Grasshopper although i use a wide variety of tools depending of the needs of each project. I enjoy developing web-projects with Worpdress, Craftcms and Jekyll. Npm, Gulp und Git are no foreign concepts to me. Print and video projects are mostly done using the Adobe Suit.

In my spare time I love discussing everything science, world affairs and politics. I enjoy horse riding, medium format photography and playing football.