Stadt Ulm - B10

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Cross Media Campaign

After a massive public uproar against the­ reconstruction of the Stuttgart main station many put the blame on a insufficient information strategy of the authorities. Thus german cities currently make great efforts to transparently inform the public ­about planned and ongoing construction sites.

The B10 expressway through the city of Ulm is its most important commuting gateway. Overhauling has been ne­­glected for years due to fear of huge traffic congestions. But finally the condition could not be ignored any ­longer ­and­ a large number of construction projects had to be started. To raise understanding for the unavoidableness of the road works we created a cross-media campaign to inform the population of Ulm on various communication channels.

Key visual

Key visuals of the campaign are animated paper models of the respective sites. Each clip explains which repairs need to be done at a current construction site and how long the servicing will need. The aim of this approach is to transparently inform the citizens about upcoming activities. The handmade animations flanked with public consultations assists in conveying the image of a responsive and approachable city administration and avoids the impression of bureaucratic remoteness.

Complementary measures

The tv-ads were supplemented by radio spots, posters and flyers, a mobile web­site with live stre­am­ of the current traffic situation at neuralgic spots and an interactive documentation of construction activities.

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