Stadt Ulm - Intercultural Guide

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With its rich tradition as a trading town at the Danube with contacts ranging as far as the black sea Ulm has been a city with an international orientation for centuries. In the course of the general freedom of movement for EU citizens the city of Ulm is exposed to the effects of open labor markets. The increased mobility of potential citizens demands added efforts to attract and retain the brightest minds. To stay ahead in this highly competitive field the city of Ulm decided to restructure and bundle its offers including municipal services and opportunities of cultural and educational institutions under one marketing umbrella.


The goal thus consisted of the development of an umbrella visual and destinct derivative visuals for each group of institutions. The respective services are compiled in a intercultural guide welcoming every new citizen. The guide provides a first orientation aid and introduces the respective institutions. Other applications include event announcements in poster and postcards formats, office equipment and a website which digitally provides the contents of the brochure.



The concept recognizes the city of Ulm and its population as an urban field of everchanging immigration, reconsolidation and emmigration. New citizens from a variety of different backgrounds resettle to Ulm. Within the urban field they build up their socio-economic pattern of acivities between the poles of their new life: education, labor, recreation and habitation. The visualization unveils these movements and illustrates the relationship to their respective factors of influence.

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