Equipotential Poem

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This work investigates how to combine the psychotherapeutic technique of Systemic Constellation and the simulation of equipotential surfaces to generate personalized text-grids. Friends of the author who live in a triangle relationship volunteered as source of data.

Systemic Constellation operates with the spatial positioning of internal and external entities, in the present case, the involved persons positioning in relation to each other. The goal of systemic Constellation is the discovery of (possibly dysfunctional) system dynamics.43

Equipotential field

Equipotential surfaces are surfaces consisting of the set of all points of constant scalar potential, for example, the perimeter of all the regions of equal field strength in a magnetic field. In contemporary architecture, they are implementated in the design of supporting structures. The text used is from the song “Triad” by David Crosby, which a participating member of the group characterized as significant for their situation. In creating the simulation, the spatial coordinates of the participants during the systemic constellation were translated into charge carriers of a force field. The positive or negative charging of the carriers was chosen according to the internal dynamics of the relationship between the participants. The obtained field lines were two-dimensionally projected from a topview and exported to Adobe Illustrator for further editing.

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